Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke, 31, is known for speaking her mind, and that reputation was solidified on Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention when Fluke, who became a household name after being barred from testifying at a Congressional hearing on insurance coverage for contraception and publically attacked by conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, 61, delivered a short address on what she fears would be the future of women's rights under a Mitt Romney administration.

"During this campaign, we've heard about the two profoundly different futures that could await women — and how one of those futures looks like an offensive, obsolete relic of our past," Fluke said. "Warnings of that future are not distractions. They're not imagined. That future could be real."

Fluke criticized Romney for failing to defend her position after Limbaugh insulted her on the air, calling her a "slut" and a "prostitute," attacking Fluke until his sponsors started to collectively raise their eyebrows. At the time, Romney said, "I'll just say this: It's not the language I would have used," reports the Wall Street Journal.

Fluke struck back during her DNC address. "In that America, your new president could be a man who stands by when a public figure tries to silence a private citizen with hateful slurs. Who won't stand up to the slurs, or to any of the extreme, bigoted voices in his own party."

President Barack Obama, on the other hand, "thinks of his daughters — not his delegates or donors — and stands up with all women," said Fluke.

Watch Sandra Fluke's full DNC speech here:

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