Samantha Bee‘s Full Frontal is being bumped next week to make room for the presidential debate, and Bee took time on her show on Monday to warn viewers against Donald Trump and his advisor Roger Ailes.


The fact that Ailes is prepping Trump for the debate is concerning because, as Bee states, Ailes has a history of “polishing turds into presidents.” She noted how he helped Nixon, Reagan and George H.W. Bush get elected and joked that despite Trump’s “most extensive debate prep to date has been measuring his own dick,” that having Ailes behind him could help Trump in debates.

Bee continued her discussion in more detail in a web exclusive. “[Ailes] doesn’t need to make Trump sound smart because he has spent the last 20 years making voters dislike smart people,” she said.

She then turned her dialogue to Fox News saying that the network has “made it normal to s–t on Muslims.” She even took the time to praise George W. Bush for his respectful pro-Muslim comments he made following the September 11 attacks. “I honestly never thought I’d miss anything about George W. Bush,” she admitted.

Finally, Bee compared Trump to an alien and Ailes to an alien invasion of the Republican Party. “See, like an alien pod, Roger Ailes attracted the GOP’s interest but, oh no, he attached himself to the party’s face and injected a lot of horrible stuff into them and for a little while they felt fine,” she explained, “not realizing that Trump was gestating inside their Party until, oh my G-d it burst forth, killing host and running for president.” During this part of her speech, clips of the popular 1979 movie Alien played in the background.

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