Hasty Pudding Theatricals named Ryan Reynolds their Man of the Year for 2017 and awarded him with the Pudding Pot award.


Hasty Pudding, part of Harvard University, is the oldest running theater program in the United States and every year they hand out awards for Man and Woman of the Year. The Deadpool actor took home the prize this year, along with Octavia Spencer for Woman of the Year.

In a black velvet tuxedo, the actor accepted his award in Farkas Hall. The ceremony consists of many theatrics from the group, as well as a roasting of the recipient. Most took shots at one of Reynold’s less successful films, The Green Lantern.

He was told he had to make fun of Tom Brady and the Patriots, but Reynolds resisted. “Oh God, that’s a terrible thing to do,” he said. “You know we’re in Boston, right? Tom, I’m afraid your voting skills are as bad as…” he joked. He also revealed that despite Brady’s friendship to Donald Trump, he would still be rooting for the Pats over Super Bowl weekend. “I’ll be rooting for the Patriots and for Tom Brady. I’m very excited, and I’m hoping for a humiliating defeat against the other team,” said Reynolds. “Green Bay is my main team but when they’re out, I just enjoy the Patriots.”

Reynolds also talked about his passion for comedy. “It’s one of the greatest tools of social commentary,” he explained. “In the best of times it’s amazing. In the worst of times, it’s even better. For me, it’s a real shelter from the storm and I know it is for a lot of people too. I love smart comedy. I think its value is somewhat under-appreciated in the arts, but overall, I think it ain’t going anywhere.”

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