Ryan O’Neal reunited with his daughter Tatum O’Neal, 56, and her children for the first time in 17 years.

On Sunday, a picture of the get together was posted on Instagram by Sean McEnroe, (Tatum’s son with tennis star John McEnroe) showing 79-year-old Ryan O’Neal sitting next to his daughter and grandchildren: Kevin, 34, Emily, 29, and Sean, 32.

“This is one of the most memorable photos of my life,” Sean wrote in the caption. “The last time we were all together was at the 30-year Paper Moon Anniversary in 2003.” Ryan and Tatum starred in the movie Paper Moon together in 1973, and Tatum received an Academy Award for her performance, making her the youngest to win the award at only 10-years-old.

“I could cry tears of gratitude that everyone in this photo is still alive and that we were all able to come together again after so many years of hardship,” Sean continued in the caption. “The entire West Coast is burning, but if the O’Neals can reconcile, truly anything is possible 🙏🏻☺️💛” The caption ended with the hashtags reconciliation, forgiveness, wholeness, love and family.

One of the family members missing from the picture is Ryan’s son and Tatum’s brother Griffin, who is 55-years-old, and has been open with his past struggles with addiction and alcoholism. Ryan was arrested in 2007 after he allegedly assaulted Griffin with a deadly weapon.