Warner Bros. released a snippet for the highly anticipated Barbie movie directed by Greta Gerwig, and the internet is mostly tickled pink over Ryan Gosling as ‘Ken.’


The photo shows Gosling with an orange tan, blond hair and boxers that say ‘Ken’ on the waist. Also, can’t forget an eight-pack and smirk on display against a signature Barbie pink background (of course).

Fans on Twitter are having mixed emotions after the image of the Canadian actor surfaced. Like many who saw the photo, Twitter user @GossiTheDog tweeted, “100% seeing this,” and user @olivebrinker shares how this will be “the greatest movie of all time.”

While many are excited to see Gosling as Ken, some fans are not as into it. One user tweeted, “he looks so old and nasty,” and another tweet hopes they won’t see Malibu Ken on the big screen.

Regardless of what the public has to say about him, Gosling is quintessentially Ken. He will be starring opposite Margot Robbie, who will be playing Barbie.

Fans are still unsure of what Gerwig has in store for the film. The cast, which includes comedians like Issa Rae and Will Ferrell, adds another element of mystery to the movie.

Until then, fans are stuck waiting until July 21, 2023, to find out what wild kind of adventures Barbie and Ken will be going on.

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