Ryan Gosling‘s Twitter account is fairly safe. Beyond a few retweets related to movies or causes he is involved in, the movie star doesn’t say much. But on Sunday, Gosling took time to recognize Michael Phillips, a disabled man who appeared on MSNBC’s The Last Word, to advocate against the GOP’s new health care bill.

Replying to Phillips tweet reading, “I was on The Last Word!,” Gosling wrote, “Living such an honorable and courageous life, having the courage of your convictions. Actors only play hero’s [sic]. @wholeexpanse You really are one.”

Phillips, who was born with spinal muscular atrophy, appeared on The Last Word to discuss how the Republican’s proposed cuts to Medicaid would force him to be institutionalized. At the present moment, Medicaid allows him to live at home with his mother, who is also his full-time caregiver.

Phillips was in shock after Gosling reached out to him personally via Twitter, writing, “… and Ryan Gosling read the blog.”

During the segment, Phillips said, “I’m a published writer. I helped develop assistive technology. I’m not exactly Ryan Gosling, but I lead a good life.” Gosling’s tweet was most likely in reference to that statement.

Phillips continued, “Losing Medicaid, being forced into an institution, I’d lose everything. I’d lose the rights guaranteed to me under the Constitution – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. People with disabilities know happiness isn’t guaranteed, but we want a shot at it just like anybody else.”

Under the GOP’s proposed health care bill, Medicaid spending will be capped and less people will be qualified for the program. In addition, Medicaid coverage will vary greatly state-to-state, which could potentially be harmful for a low-income person with disabilities or an illness, unable to relocate to state with better coverage.

Watch a video segment from This American Life from several years ago on Phillips and his mother below.