Rush Limbaugh, unafraid to politicize even the most bipartisan of tragedies, pontificated on his radio show that Robin Williams’ “leftist worldview” drove him to committing suicide.

Rush Limbaugh On Robin Williams' Death

Limbaugh feels that he has the answer, or at least a reasonable hypothesis, for why Williams, a beloved actor and comedian, would take his own life. Since Limbaugh makes his living as a shock jock for the political right, he made Williams’ death fit a political narrative that paints the left-leaning as helplessly depressive.

According to Limbaugh, the left’s worldview is “one of pessimism and darkness and sadness.” He further mused, “They’re always angry about something. No matter what they get they’re always angry. They’re animated in large part by the false promises of America because the promises of America are not for everyone, as we see each and every day.”

Limbaugh then goes on to reference a Fox News article as veritable fact, proving his theory that lefts simply expect too much and consequently fall into not only depression, but into suicidal thoughts and acts.

“The real reasons Robin Williams killed himself were he was embarrassed in having to take television roles after a sterling movie career, that he had to take movie roles that were beneath him – sequels and so forth – and he finally had to do television just to get a paycheck because he was in so much financial distress,” declared Limbaugh. “He had some divorces that ripped up his net worth and he had a big ranch in Napa that he couldn’t afford anymore and put up for sale and a house in Tiburon he couldn’t afford anymore. This is all what’s in the Fox News story. He had it all but he had nothing.”

Getting back into the politics of it, Limbaugh continued to talk about Williams “general unhappiness” and “survivor's guilt” following the passing of three of his close friends. “He made everyone else laugh, but was miserable inside. I mean it fits a certain picture or a certain image that the left has. It’s about low expectations, general unhappiness and so forth.… It turns out that three of his closest friends – Christopher Reeve, John Belushi and Andy Kaufman – died. Robin Williams felt guilty that he was still alive while his three friends all died young and died much earlier than he did… That is a constant measurement that is made by political leftists in judging the country.”

Limbaugh’s Non-Apology Apology

Facing criticism for his remarks on Williams’ death, Limbaugh didn’t back down. Instead, the radio show host dug his heels into the politics of it all, now blaming the “leftist media” for mangling his words and intentions.

"What the left — and in particular the leftist media — is attempting to do in twisting my comments about the Robin Williams suicide yesterday cannot go unnoticed," Limbaugh said on his Wednesday radio show. "The upshot is that all these media people think that I am just a reprobate, a cold, heartless guy because I accused Robin Williams of committing suicide because he was a liberal. And I did no such thing! I don't know why he committed suicide!"

"All of these low-rent, irresponsible, pathetic, so-called media watchdogs on the left are trying to make it sound like I said that Robin Williams should give up because he was a liberal and he's hopelessly devoted to misery and despair, because that's what liberals are devoted to,” Limbaugh indignantly added. “I said no such thing."

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