RuPaul’s Drag Race kicked off its sixth season with seven contestants battling it out for six available spots in part one of the premiere.

Next week, the premiere will conclude with seven more contestants being put to the test, and finally in week three the surviving 12 will come together for the competition. The two-part premiere is not the only trick RuPaul had up her sleeve. Another big change this season is there will be absolutely no immunity from eliminations.

First things first, RuPaul opened the show with her usual flair and introduced us to the Queens:

Adore Delano, aka Danny Noriega, is perhaps one of the less experienced of the contestants, but she has enough sass to fill any room. Noriega is no stranger to reality tv competition. He was a contestant on Season 7 of American Idol.

Gia Gunn and Vivacious wowed with their extravagant outfits, with Gunn arriving with a hula-hoop purse and Vivacious wearing some very unique headwear. Vivacious, the oldest queen in the competition, attracting more than a few strange looks when she appeared wearing a tiny alien head over the top of her head, which was covered by fabric and another level of fake shoulders. It was very Lady Gaga – Vivacious even called herself “living art.”

Kelly Mantle and Laganja Estranja join the pack with dramatic entrances. Laganja even threw in a few dramatic falls and drops on the runway. BenDeLaCreme decided to go for a 60s sitcom look and came running out in a bright green dress looking straight out of Hairspray. Finally, April Carrion was added to the mix. Carrion described her style as a “cross between Bjork and Coco Rocha.”

RuPaul greeted the Queens and informed them of their very first challenge: a photo shoot where they will be jumping, or diving, into a foam pit. The idea is to fall with grace, and many failed to be graceful. Gia fully embraced the unknown, openly admitting she had no idea what she was doing. In the end, Laganja won the challenge, giving her an edge in the episode’s elimination challenge: create a drag outfit based on a television show. Because she won the challenge, Laganja not only got first pick for a television show, she got to assign shows to every other contestant.

Laganja took Dancing With The Stars and game Duck Dynasty to April Carrion, Keeping Up With The Kardashians to Gia Gunn, Game of Thrones to Vivacious, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo to Adore Delano, Downton Abbey to Kelly Mantle and Golden Girls to BenDeLaCreme. Once the shows were assigned, RuPaul gave each contestants props to use in their runway look and everybody hit the workroom.

Most of the sewing went off without a hitch, though Adore had a moment of panic when she realized she had glued part of her dress to the mannequin. The fashion show went on smoothly as well, with judges Ru, Adam Lambert, Santino Rice, Michelle Visage and Mike Ruiz.

BenDeLaCreme turned heads with her detailed Golden Girls look, made from “hot glue and desperation.” She won the challenge even though she didn’t know how to sew. Overall, most of the looks were adequate, though the judges all agreed there was room for improvement. Gia Gunn and April Carrion got a little critique for their choice to forego the pants. Laganja dressed in a sparkly head-to-toe gown that mirrored the coveted DWTS trophy. Even with her advantage, Laganja was at the receiving end of some criticism, particularly due to the overwhelming tulle on her neckline and her stumbles on the runway.

Kelly Mantle, Adore and Vivacious all got poor marks from the judges, who hated their outfits most of all. While Adore nailed the Honey Boo Boo attitude, her dress was, predictably, lacking in craftsmanship. But it was Vivacious and Kelly who ended up in the bottom two. Vivacious underwhelmed the judges with her bland dress and unwillingness to incorporate Game of Thrones into her outfit and Kelly suffered from her poorly matched outfit.

Vivacious and Kelly went head-to-head with a lip synch for your life performance to “Express Yourself” by Madonna. Vivacious danced circles around Kelly, ensuring her a spot in the season’s third episode, while Kelly was asked to “sashay away.”

You can watch the entire episode below.

The next seven contestants will be introduced in part two of the season 6 premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race airing Monday at 9 p.m. on LogoTV.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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