Roseanne Barr, whose nationally ranked sitcom was canceled in the wake of her racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, President Barack Obama‘s former advisor, has now provided another meaning behind the infamous tweet.

Now, Barr claimed her tweet alluded to the “anti-semitism of the Iran deal.”

Originally, the actress said her tweet was caused by taking the sleeping medication Ambien. Later, Barr insisted she didn’t know Jarrett is black.

However, her newest excuse doesn’t make a logical connection to Jarrett, who was born in Iran in 1956 simply because her father was working there at the time. Moreover, Jarrett wasn’t Obama’s advisor on Iran nor did she have an integral part in the Iran nuclear deal. Nonetheless, this isn’t Barr’s first groundless statement, for the tweet that canceled her show referenced the “Muslim brotherhood,” even though Jarrett isn’t Muslim.

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Barr also stated Thomas Muhammad, who she said is a “dear friend” of hers that directed the new documentary, Malcolm X: An Overwhelming Influence on the Black Power Movement, will speak for her.

Yet, Barr continued to claim her tweet was only “misunderstood,” not racist:

The seemingly joyous actress said she’s feeling better since the incident that put hundreds of people out of work.

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