Roma Downey, the former star of Touched By An Angel, likes doing uplifting work. Downey recently founded with her husband, producer Mark Burnett (SurvivorThe Voice), with purpose of helping “brighten your day.”


“We needed a safe space that we could come to for inspirational and uplifting video content,” Downey told uInterview in an exclusive video interview. “These videos are all short, snackable, shareable, 2-5 minutes. I’m telling stories across 4 categories – entertainment, lifestyle, faith, and family.”

The site features video content intended to enlighten and inspire. “We’ve got everything from crafting, we’re talking about food, we’ve got a wonderful young man who’s a dad who’s showing us how to prepare lunch boxes for our kids. So there’s this whole element of family and fun,” she said. “And at the other end of the spectrum of storytelling, we’ve got a series called “I Struggle, I Rise,” which is expressing how people who’ve really been challenged and really been hurt in their lives, but they found a way through grace and through friendship to rise above it, so they’re stories of encouragement, and we’re just hoping that people will be validated by that,” she added. “We have a series called “37 Second of Good News.” … Our attention span has gotten smaller, but we all have 37 seconds that we would want to just find out a little bit of good news in the world.”

Some might find working with their spouse taxing, but not Downey. “Mark and I are just the best of friends,” she said of her husband and business partner. “We have a great time, and we love what we do… we just feel passionate. We bring storyteller and we like to create quality content.”

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