Access to the famed Rocky statue outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art has reopened to visitors.


The statue of the fictional boxer, where Sylvester Stallone runs up the steps while training in various Rocky movies, was previously off-limits. A temporary stage was set up for the NFL Draft, and then was kept closed while the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation improved the surrounding area. Now, the statue is ready for visitors again.

The statue was commissioned in 1980 by Stallone to promote Rocky III. It was created by A. Thomas Schomberg at his studio in Colorado. The spent much of its life at the Spectrum Sports Complex, where the film describes as the location of the boxing matches. In 2006, it was permanently moved back to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

“The statue signifies that anything is possible, so long as you keep persevering. It signifies personal victory, that’s what it stands up for…personal victory,” says James “Jimmy” Binns, who planned for the statue’s return to the museum.

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