By the looks of it, there are two things that are important to Robert Pattinson, 26, right now: forging a post-Twilight career in the wake of the upcoming final Twilight installment, Bill Condon's Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn — Part 2, which he's largely accomplishing by next starring in David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, and avoiding any talk about alleged ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart, 22.

Pattinson, who was already set to make the publicity rounds for Cosmopolis when his personal drama concerning Stewart's alleged affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Saunders got plastered all over the Internet, is joking his way through interviews, including a recent one with MTV First, which opened with interviewer Josh Horowitz assuring that he wouldn't press any "Dr. Phil or Oprah"-themed topics, to which Pattinson smoothly responded, "You want tears, you gotta give me the big bucks!"

Pattinson, who has displayed mixed feelings in the past about his Twilight years, now speaks of them affectionately. "It’s an amazing experience," Pattinson said. "It’s a huge chunk of my life. The end of the movie … look back at the whole series, it’s like so sweet. I feel so much older now. If I had to do a sequel now, I mean, I’m not 17 anymore."

An older and wiser Pattinson went on to talk about his maturing roles — particularly the sex scene in the new Cosmopolis, which is a departure from his previous intimate scenes on camera with his real-life former ladylove Stewart. In this scene, which Cronenberg reportedly only put into the script on the very morning it was filmed, a naked woman crawls all over Pattinson's character in the back of a limousine amid pages of dialogue.

"It becomes funnier [as you go along] as well," Pattinson said, reports E! Online. "There's the mechanics of a sex scene. Where does it climax? You're trying to figure that out. There's six pages of dialogue. That was my idea, where to climax. I had the idea of climaxing and saying, 'Do you find this interesting?' … We're doing it in one take, you have to figure out what to do."

Cosmopolis hits U.S. theaters today.

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