Rihanna got physical with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather at the 2015 BET Awards when she duct taped his mouth shut.

Rihanna Duct Tapes Floyd Mayweather’s Mouth Shut

Early on in the show, Rihanna was spotted holding a giant role of duct tape, causing viewers to wonder what the hell she was going to do with it.

A few segments later, the purpose of the duct tape was revealed. In a short scene, the camera panned over a row in the audience, where Mayweather, now seated next to Rihanna, sat with his hands bound, looking helpless as Rihanna placed a piece of duct tape right over his mouth and gave him some expert side-eye.

The stunt passed without explanation, but it’s likely it was part of Rihanna’s campaign for her upcoming music video “Bitch Better Have My Money.”

During the awards, Rihanna premiered a teaser for the video, which will be released on Thursday.

While it may be successful press for Rihanna’s music, it was also a very awkward moment, as many viewers pointed out, given Rihanna’s past experience with domestic assault and the many allegations of domestic abuse against Mayweather.

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