Rapper Rick Ross — real name William L. Roberts, 37 — reportedly crashed his silver Rolls Royce into an apartment building early Monday morning, after reportedly fleeing from shots that were fired in his general direction.

Ross was returning from his birthday party at a Miami nightclub and accompanied by his friend, fashion designer Shateria L. Moragne-el, at the time, reports the Los Angeles Times. After the shots were fired, Ross lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the building, at which point the alleged suspects left the scene and were gone by the time the police arrived.

This is not the first time Ross has found himself endangered, allegedly targeted by the Gangster Disciples. He had to cancel several concerts recently when the Gangster Disciples threatened to crash his North Carolina shows in retaliation for him using their logo for Black Bar Mitzvah, Ross's mixtape. Other threats have been directly made to Ross via YouTube.

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