Season three of Rick & Morty has concluded with its darkest comedy yet.


The episode begins with Rick and Morty making the president angry. He wants them to help deal with an alien in the Kennedy sex tunnels, but our heroes get bored quickly and leave, sparking a fight. Rick gets into a physical fight with the president, but it ends, as it always does, with Rick victorious. The animation, however, is amazing to watch.

Important things are happening with Beth. Last week left us wondering if she would take up Rick’s offer to take a free, identical clone of him, but didn’t give us any hint as to if she would take him up on the offer. Now Beth is handling her kids better, but is still considering the clone, but she comes to the realization that she is in fact the clone, and knows that if Rick discovers she’s self-aware, he’ll kill her.

So she calls on Jerry, because he is no threat to her. She wants to go back to when they were a family and Rick was just an outsider, and the show points that this is where the plot will go in season four, while sort of undoing the work done in season three. Though, as they make clear, because there are infinite universes, that means that anything can happen, but nothing actually matters. Thematically, it makes sense, but Jerry is still less than anti-climactic.

After season two’s finale gave Rick a redemptive arc, season three took all that away. In the end, Rick has lost everything, and Jerry will return to the family unit. The finale represents a return to season one, thus giving a hard reset to the entire series.