While it’s been confirmed that Leonardo DiCaprio has been donating some money to humanitarian groups involved in the Ukraine invasion, recent reports that he donated $10 million to a single organization are false according to a source close to the actor. The false story was first reported by Polish News but has since been deleted.

The stories also claimed falsely that DiCaprio was supporting the organization because his grandmother hailed from Ukraine. If it’s not immediately obvious from, well, his full name, DiCaprio is primarily of Italian descent, as well as German. According to the anonymous source, the Once Upon a Time In Hollywood actor has donated to CARE, International Rescue Committee, Save The Children, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, but a dollar amount for the donations was not disclosed.

Other celebrities that have been donating and fundraising for Ukraine include Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who started a GoFundMe where they promised to match donations of up to $3 million. They have since raised around $18 million of their $30 million goal. They are providing the money to shipping company Flexport to help with sending supplies to suffering Ukrainians, and to the rental company Airbnb to assist in providing housing to refugees. Kutcher is a major investor in Airbnb.

The attack on Ukraine has been unfolding for two weeks since Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on the nation on February 24. A cease-fire agreement was almost reached today, but they have since been stalled. Russian forces have also since attacked the key strategic city that Ukrainians requested a cease-fire in, Mariupol.

One target of the attacks was a maternity hospital, which resulted in three deaths and more injuries and has been called a war crime by Ukrainian and U.S. officials.

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