A skydiver recently interrupted a soccer game by landing in the middle of the field.

Players in Poland’s fifth tier, a match between the Olimpia Elbląg reserve team and PISA Primavera Barczewo, had to stop mid-game in order to allow a skydiver to land in the midfield circle. The participants hardly reacted, walking calmly off the field as a person drifted down from the sky.

This isn’t the first time a skydiver has landed in the middle of a sports game. It has happened multiple times before, in England, Italy and even during a 1993 Evander Holyfield fight.

The skydiver recorded a first-person video of the entire experience. It seemed while he was on their way down, that there was plenty of green space around him. It’s possible he didn’t think he could make it to any of the outside areas (or they just wanted to drop in on the game). Whatever the reason, he captured some great footage which includes nearly landing on one of the players.

The event crasher was given a yellow card for his interference, a stern warning in soccer. But the question remains: why not a red card?

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