Redmond O’Neal, son of actor Ryan O’Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett, has once again found himself in trouble with the law. O’Neal is currently in police custody, apprehended by authorities after a crime spree that spanned southern California.


While O’Neal has a history with the police because of his drug-related actives, his latest crimes terrorized the Venice Beach and Palms neighborhoods from May 2 to May 5, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

On May 2, O’Neal reportedly became irate after another man made eye contact with him. He then punched the man and unsuccessfully attempted to hit his victim with a broken glass bottle before fleeing. O’Neal attacked another man hours later outside a convenience store.

The 33-year-old allegedly stabbed two other Venice residents, one on his left side and the other on his head, on May 4. The next day, O’Neal had an altercation with a coffee shop employee, threatening him with his pocket knife.

After being identified as the suspect in an armed robbery of a 7-Eleven store, O’Neal was arrested on May 8. The crime wave ceased following his arrest, with police noting how O’Neal’s distinctive red hair and tattoos matched the descriptions for every perpetrator in all of the cases.