Last week, Once Upon A Time ended with some nail-biting surprises: an outsider crashed into town and Belle (Emilie de Ravin) lost her memory after Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) shot her. Fortunately for fans, this week’s episode is also not without its share of drama.

In the aftermath of the accidents, the episode, “In the Name of the Brother” began with Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) healing a confused Belle, as Emma (Jennifer Morrison, pictured) arrived to assess the damage. Hook had been wounded, and the driver of the car with a Pennsylvania license plate had fallen unconscious. “Looks like the world just moved into Storybrooke,” Emma said.

Rumpel visited Belle in the hospital and tried true love’s kiss, but failed to awaken her memories. Meanwhile, Emma convened with Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin), Charming (Josh Dallas), Red (Meghan Ory) and Grumpy (Lee Arenberg) to discuss Storybrooke’s visitor, Greg (Ethan Embry). Dr. Whale (David Anders) announced that Greg was bleeding internally and probably wouldn't survive. Grumpy was mistrustful of anyone new, thinking they should let Greg die to avoid spreading their secret, while the rest of the group wanted to save the outsider. Dr. Whale begged Rumpel to heal his patient, but Rumpel refused. Emma and company insisted Whale prep for surgery as Greg’s phone began ringing with a call from “HER.”

Rumpel returned to his pawn shop to find Cora (Barbara Hershey) waiting with a peace offering. Cora promised to help him find his son, Baelfire, if he, in turn, agreed to help her find Regina, and the two reached an agreement. Cora also suggested Rumpel taught her dark magic in Fairytale Land as well, after she referred to him as “Master.”

Back at the hospital, Dr. Whale had skipped out on Greg's surgery and was running aimlessly through the streets. Just as he was about to commit suicide off Storybrooke’s pier, Red used her wolf senses to track and stop him. She told him that Storybrooke isn’t a curse, but a chance to start fresh. Dr. Whale returned to perform the surgery.

Cora, disguised as the one person Regina loves most – Henry (Jared Gilmore) – visited her daughter in her mausoleum hide-out. Regina was shocked and angered by the reveal, but she eventually yielded to Cora’s apologies. Cora promised she would help her get Henry back … but at what cost? Is Cora really that trustworthy, even with Regina?

Rumpel visited Belle again with her chipped cup. He said that the cup was a talisman to restore Belle’s memory, but she wanted nothing to do with him, instead hurling the cup against the wall and shattering it, effectively ending any hope for her to remember. Emma, in a separate room, questioned Greg on the accident, who admitted he was texting while driving and didn’t see where he was going. Emma, confident he was telling the truth, left him to rest.

Rumpel, back in his pawn shop, used the opaque globe Cora gave him to locate his son (the map pointed to a place on the East Coast, near New York), and ordered Emma to accompany him out of Storybrooke and into the real world.

Flashbacks to Dr. Whale’s (aka Victor Frankenstein) past show a tenuous bond with his father. Father Frankenstein believed, apparently, that his son’s experiments were worthless and that he had hardly made scientific progress. He favored Gerhardt, Victor’s successful younger brother. Rumpelstiltskin, meanwhile, intervened from Fairytale Land, paying Victor an exorbitant sum of money to show him how to reanimate the dead. Victor was busy digging up a body for Rumpel when he and Gerhardt were caught by the graveyard constable. Gerhardt was shot and died, and Victor chose to use his body for experimentation. After he accidentally fried Gerhardt’s insides, Rumpel suggested he go visit Regina to obtain a heart, which he did. Victor presented a newly-resurrected Gerhardt to his father, who called both of them abominations. His zombified brother killed their father in Victor’s defense. Later, Victor contemplated killing Gerhardt, but ultimately decided against it, certain he would find a cure.

Back in Storybrooke, Greg rummaged for his phone and called the “HER” we heard ringing through earlier. He frantically whispered that she wouldn't believe what he saw. Uh-oh! What does this mean for the future of Storybrooke? How much did Greg see before or during his accident? Will Rumpel reunite with Baelfire? Unfortunately, we won’t find out until February 10, when the show returns to ABC. – Jill Wronski

Check out a preview for the next episode below:

SPOILERS: Magic Comes To 'Once Upon A Time'

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