In a bizarre repeat of the elimination episode two Thursdays ago, Brendon was booted from a household headed by Daniele on CBS's Big Brother. Only this time, it did not come as such a shock to Brendon's fiancee, Rachel, whose tearful antics have given way to more solemn resignation. There was just no saving from Brendon from his own knuckle-headed obnoxiousness and baseless egotism.

The elimination came down to Brendon and blonde southern belle Shelly, but it was not really a close call, since Brendon was sent packing in a landslide 5-1 vote (bet you can't guess who the "1" is). Clearly Rachel and Brendon have every reason to loathe their former allies Jeff and Jordon, who told them they would be voting with the house and had the audacity to follow through with it. "When did Jeff and Jordan become such sheep?" asked Rachel in the diary room, bitter but helpless.

Despite twice overseeing Brendon's ouster, Daniele — if she makes it all the way to the end — might have a chance to win the vote of the one she calls "the zombie." Brendon said he would vote for the strongest player in the game, referring to Daniele as "Judas" (cue Lady Gaga). The end is still a few elimination rounds away, with next week promising something with soap and bubbles and, possibly, a double elimination.

Big Brother airs Thursday nights on CBS.

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