Atonement and War Horse's Benedict Cumberbatch and The Office's (UK) Martin Freeman returned in the second season of Masterpiece: Mystery's Sherlock, as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson from the Arthur Conan Doyle novels, respectively, on PBS Sunday night in an episode entitled "A Scandal in Belgravia."

The British television series is taking PBS by storm, after season one's finale in which Sherlock had only a few minutes to expose a fake Vermeer painting or, well, people would die. Sherlock's amazing brain beats the odds every time, and his chemistry with Watson is so palpable that the two often have to correct assumptions that they're lovers.

According to Cumberbatch, however, Sherlock's sexuality is not an issue that needs to surface. "For me, Sherlock's not gay," Cumberbatch told Zap2It. "He's not straight, necessarily. He has a sexual appetite, but it's entirely allowed by his work. He doesn't have time for it."

Much to Irene Adler's (Lara Pulver) dismay, as she shows up to meet Sherlock in "A Scandal in Belgravia" completely naked, in order to derail his inevitable attempts to derrive clues from her wardrobe. Not to mention that Irene is suddenly a dominatrix.

"She throws him off his game instantly," Pulver said about the scene. "What's brilliant is that, within seconds, you realize it has nothing to do with being naked, with sexuality or anything, because they're both locked into each other's minds, and they're off and running."

Catch Cumberbatch and Freeman in Sherlock Sunday nights on PBS. They will also costar in 2013's The Hobbit: There and Back Again, in which Freeman will play a young Bilbo Baggins and Cumberbatch will voice Smaug.

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