After almost 18 years, former 90210 star Rebecca Gayheart is opening up about a car accident she was involved in that killed a nine-year-old boy, Jorge Cruz Jr. In 2001, Gayheart was given a $2,800 fine, 750 hours of community service and a one-year suspension of her license. In May 2019, Gayheart participated in an episode her friend Laura Cathcart Robbins‘ podcast, The Only One in the Room, to discuss the experience.

During the podcast, Gayheart reflected upon how difficult her life became after the car accident, where she began to lose faith in everything and question life itself. “Why Jorge? Why did something like this have to happen?” Gayheart said. “I spent a year trying to kill myself by doing every self-destructive thing a person could do.”


Gayheart said that the main reason why she finally spoke about the accident was that she wanted to help anyone who felt the same way she did. She wanted to offer her perspective on situations and experiences that may be traumatic and help people understand that even though things may be bad, things will eventually get better.

The actress noted that she has been grateful for the support for her family, especially her daughter.

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