The 12th episode of season 10 of Real Housewives of Orange County saw newbie Meghan King Edmonds attack the OG of the OC, Vicki Gunvalson, questioning whether Vicki’s ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, really has cancer.

Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

The narrative arc of the episode perfectly encapsulates Real Housewives storytelling at its finest. The episode builds on multiple sub-plots seen throughout the season. The main plot of the episode, the feud between Meghan and Vicki, is interwoven in between these subplots, culminating in an epic climax in the final five minutes that simultaneously leaves the audience with a massive cliffhanger.

The episode begins with Tamra Judge heading to Vicki’s house with her son Ryan Vieth, his wife Sarah Rodriguez and their daughter Ava Ryan Vieth. Vicki has kindly offered to host Ryan and Sarah’s wedding in her backyard, illustrating the currently close bond between the two longest standing members of the OC cast.

Vicki tells Tamra that she’s livid with Meghan for insinuating that Brooks may not have cancer. “She has no idea what she’s in for,” says Vicki. In an interview, Tamra comments on how Meghan may not want to start any drama with Vicki: “When Vicki’s pissed off, she’s like an attack dog. She will go for Meghan’s throat.”

The gang, sans Vicki, then heads to Fontana, California, to experience a VIP experience at a NASCAR race. After test-driving the cars at 125 MPH, Meghan tells the ladies that Vicki has texted her about the allegations against Brooks.

Back in the OC, we watch Tamra show Meghan a $6.6 million house in effort to get her feet back in the real estate game after a five-year hiatus. We see Shannon Beador and her family go out for Shannon’s birthday dinner, where David Beador takes her to a sports bar and then apologizes for screwing it up. This scene is just another sign that Shannon’s future will either involve a healthy divorce from David or way too much Grey Goose with lime. Either way, at least her future will undoubtedly give her Housewives job security for a few more seasons.

We move on to Vicki’s birthday dinner, where Brooks takes her on a private boat. The couple enjoy martinis, salmon and sunsets.

The final scene is where sh*t hits the fan. But first, the cast is taken on a tour of Chateau Dubrow, Heather Dubrow’s new house that is still being built. Heather explains to the ladies that the house will include 14 bathrooms, a mud room with lockers, towel warming doors and a closet the size of a house in itself.

The ladies then sit down for lunch in Heather’s in-progress dining room. While Vicki says she doesn’t want to bring up any of the drama with Meghan, she can’t help herself once Meghan says she heard Vicki was upset.
Vicki takes half a second to go from zero to 100, spewing out epic one liners, from “I’ll take you down,” to “You’re a little girl. You have not been through life like we have,” to “This is ugly and filthy.”

And although it looks like 30-year-old Meghan is about to go from teary-eyed to full blown panic attack, the rookie housewife bites back with the last phrase of the episode: “You’re just an old woman who’s pissed off and bitter at the world, so you shut up.”

A text card fills the screen: “To be continued…”

Until next week, Housewives fanatics.

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