Previously on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the ladies took a weekend trip to Vermont. The first night Teresa’s friend Robyn got into a heated argument with Jacqueline. The next day Robyn decided to leave because Jacqueline claimed she felt threatened and was going to leave if Robyn stayed.  After Robyn left the ladies went to dinner and an annoyed Teresa probed Jacqueline on her fight with Robyn. Wacky Jacky quickly erupted on Teresa and Melissa (and her four nose jobs) and left Vermont. This week the ladies deal with the aftermath of Vermont and attend Kim D’s annual Posche fashion show.

RHONJ S7 E13 Recap: “Picking Sides”

This week’s episode opens with Siggy arriving at Dolores house to check on the progress of Dolores’ renovations. The ladies’ conversation quickly turns to the events in Vermont, where Siggy feels a bit slighted by Jacqueline not responding to her text message. Dolores and Siggy head over to Jacqueline’s place and Siggy expresses her feelings.  Jacqueline explained that after the Vermont altercation she needed some alone time which is why she did not respond to Siggy’s text message.

*fast forward past Melissa and Envy update*

Joe Gorga arrives at Teresa’s house to have lunch and discuss Juicy Joe’s approaching prison sentence. Teresa is worried about Joe’s safety in prison and warned him to keep to himself and not get involved in any fights. When Joe asks Teresa if she was ever bitter with her husband for her sentencing, Teresa says that she doesn’t blame Joe but wishes that she had paid more attention when signing her name on documents.

Later on Siggy meets with Melissa for coffee. Melissa asks Siggy why Jacqueline said that she and Dolores thought Melissa was phony. Siggy admits that her first impressions of Melissa were that she was phony and self-absorbed (same). Siggy then tells Melissa that she won’t be attending her fashion show for Envy because she doesn’t want to hurt Jacqueline’s feelings. Melissa doesn’t understand why Siggy would not attend her fashion show and refers to her as weak (how dare you).

Next Jacqueline and Dolores attend the annual Posche fashion show which this year is being held in the middle of a restaurant’s dining room (very prestigious). In true Kim D fashion, she and her garbage weave began gossiping about Teresa and her marriage. Kim D claims that Juicy Joe had multiple mistresses while Tre was in prison (probably true). Dolores and Jacqueline choose not to engage in Kim D’s gossiping and leave after the show ends.

The rest of the episode saw Teresa and Melissa meeting with Dolores and Siggy for lunch. Siggy tells Melissa that she has changed her mind and will actually be attending the Envy fashion show (that makes one of us). Jacqueline and Chris held an event for their popcorn company “Little Kernel” where they announced that Ashley and her fiancé Pete were expecting a child. An emotional preview for next week’s episode shows Joe Giudice leaving his family to start his four-year prison sentence. Tune in next Sunday at 8pm EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

 Housewives Side Notes:


  • Favorite sandwich is “tuna with the nut bread”.
  • Doesn’t know how she’ll take out the garbage when Joe is in prison.
  • Is “old school” and will stay with Joe no matter what.


  • Is going to be a “Glam-Ma”.
  • Ready to start a new chapter in her life.
  • Thinks Melissa cares more about her relationship with Teresa than with herself.


  • Is used to the petting zoo but not the “Do Not Feed” section the ladies are in.
  • Doesn’t want to lose her ass. – SAME.
  • Hates that the Fabulous Five isn’t so fabulous anymore.


  • Envy’s internet sales are abysmal. – shocker.
  • Thinks Jacqueline is all over the place and needs to get her mind straight.
  • Says there is a silver-lining with Joe going to jail since he won’t be able to drink.


  • Gave up on the “American-Italian Dream” a long time ago.
  • Swore in church, “Sorry Jesus”.
  • Wants a YouTube tutorial on how to tape her breasts.


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