Previously on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the ladies convince Teresa to meet with Kathy and Rosie to discuss their estranged relationship. At the lunch, Teresa told Rosie and Kathy that her heart has hardened and that she wants to cut the cancer out. Despite telling Kathy and Rosie that she will always be there for them, Teresa has no intentions of mending or continuing any relationship with her cousins. This episode the ladies take a party bus to Stowe, Vermont for the weekend where all hell breaks loose.

RHONJ S7 E11 Recap: Rage on My Ass

The episode begins with Joe and Teresa leaving the restaurant after their meeting with Kathy and Rosie. Teresa becomes a bit emotional because of all the stress she has been dealing with, but after one deep breath she composes herself (my Namaste queen).

Siggy and Dolores are at Jacqueline’s house and the ladies call Kathy and Rosie to see how their lunch with Teresa went. The sisters feel sad after leaving their meeting but remain hopeful that the relationship can be mended after Teresa told them that they are blood and that her door is always open.

After a brief stop at Posche to visit Kim D (and her ratty hair extensions) the ladies, joined by Jacqueline and Melissa’s husbands and Teresa’s two friends Robyn and Christina, hop aboard their party bus to Vermont. The fun atmosphere on the bus quickly dissolves as Jacqueline tells Teresa that Kathy and Rosie are hopeful of mending their relationship with Tre. The ladies squabble and Wacky Jacky rears her ugly head when Melissa suggests that Jacqueline relay the message to Rosie and Kathy that Teresa has no intentions of mending their relationship.


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The bus eventually reaches Vermont and the group heads to dinner. Tensions flare up again as the ladies have a night cap around the fire pit. Robyn addresses Jacqueline’s earlier comment about Robyn being controlled by Teresa and tells her that she wants to “rage on her ass”.  Wanting to give Robyn her ass on a platter, Wacky Jacky springs from her seat and sits on Robyn’s lap (so extra). The other women separate the two sparring ladies and head to bed.

The next day everyone minus Chris and Jacqueline, ride dogsleds and go cross-country skiing. Siggy and Dolores later catch up with Jacqueline who reveals that she plans on leaving the resort early. The episode ends with Siggy and Dolores saying they are going to tell Robyn that she has to leave so that Jacqueline may stay. Next week’s episode looks to be even more intense as Wacky Jacky is in full force and erupts on Melissa and Teresa (she cray). Tune in next Sunday at 8pm EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Has an army of “Teresa’s Soldiers”.
  • Joe enjoys looking through vaginal rejuvenation books.
  • Milania rules pancakes.


  • Married Joe because he is good at everything and hung like a horse.
  • Thinks Jacqueline is super paranoid.
  • Her manager at Envy is rumored to be the one that leaked videos of Teresa to the press



  • Won’t wear anything without arms.
  • Is very calculated and hits you where it hurts.
  • Asks Chris to lick her ass.



  • Thinks Robyn is very hyper and doesn’t mesh well with the group.
  • Wants to pull the dogs in the sled instead of them pulling her.
  • Thinks Siggy has great tits.


  • Has never been skiing.
  • Is going to pretend to be a Russian Jew.
  • Has great tits.

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