A rare photo of Katie Holmes and her lookalike daughter Suri Cruise surfaced on social media as they escaped on a holiday vacation. Documenting their travels on her Instagram Stories, Holmes shared videos of snowy trees and a windy road, as well as posts donning a Santa hat and decorated tree. She wished all of her followers a Merry Christmas.

Although appearances with Suri on social media are rare, Holmes can’t help but gush over her teenage daughter, saying she has always felt in sync with her. She shares Suri with her ex Tom Cruise.

“I was happy to become a mom in my 20s,” Holmes said. “It’s been nice that our ages fit…how do I put this? Every age that my child has been and my age at that time has been a good match. We kind of grew up together.”

Adding that Suri is her favorite workout buddy, Holmes said, “Sometimes I work out with my daughter. It just depends on the day. We have our routines and occasionally they overlap. But I don’t force her to work out with me because I know that’s lame.”

Looking out for daughter, she has passed down her tips to wellness to her mini-me as best she can. “I try to focus, at home, on healthy eating and being creative and artistic and not so much on beauty so much. Beauty comes from within.”

As for another Suri post, the world will just have to wait and see.