Rapper Lil Mosey has pleaded not guilty to a second-degree rape charge in Washington’s Lewis County. Lil Mosey, born Lathan Moses Stanley, was supposed to have a court hearing on April 21 on the charges but did not show up. An arrest warrant was issued, but the rapper claimed that he did not receive the court summons.

The incident occurred back in January 2020, shortly after Mosey’s 19th birthday. Two women accused both Mosey and his friend of raping them in a cabin. One of the victims stated in an affidavit that she gave consent in the car on the way to the cabin but quickly took back that consent after she had a few more drinks. She said that she blacked out and woke up with Mosey forcing himself upon her.

The rapper first rose to fame with his song “Pull Up,” released back in late 2017, but didn’t become a well-known name until his song “Blueberry Faygo” went viral on TikTok and made the Billboard Hot 100 back in 2020. Mosey has 4.7 million followers on Instagram but has zero posts on his page.

Mosey also has his own record label, Certified Hitmaker, which signed their first artist, Jae Lynx, late last year. Mosey is facing a maximum sentence of life in prison.


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