Actor Randy Quaid, Dennis Quaid‘s older brother, was arrested in Canada for the second time this year and could be facing deportation.

Randy Quaid Facing Deportation?

Canadian border officers arrested Quaid this week for fear that he would not comply with orders to leave the country by next Wednesday, reported Fox News. During a hearing Thursday, it was ruled that Quaid should be released. However, the actor still has to leave Canada by next Wednesday.

Back in 2012, Quaid’s wife Evi Quaid was successful in gaining Canadian citizenship, due in part to the fact that her father was Canadian. Randy was less successful. Due to pending criminal cases in the United States, Canada denied his request for citizenship.

Quaid’s criminal trouble is precisely the reason why he and his wife fled to Canada. In 2010, Quaid was charged with felony vandalism for allegedly causing more that $5000 in damage to a California guest house he was squatting in.

Quaid hinted on Wednesday that he would likely comply with the order to leave Canada and face the criminal charges waiting for him in the United States.

Quaid, who is best known for roles in Independence Day, National Lampoon’s Vacation and Brokeback Mountain, has remained off the big screen for the last several years. His last credit was in the 2009 comedy Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach with Sean William Scott.


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