Singer R. Kelly was attacked on August 26 by an inmate in his cell at Chicago’s federal jail. The attacker has been identified as Jeremiah Shane Farmer, a member of the Latin Kings street gang.

Farmer reportedly punched the singer in the head and torso multiple times before a prison guard broke up the fight. Farmer is currently being held at the same prison as Kelly after being found guilty of killing two men with a hammer. Farmer claimed the “government made him attack Kelly.”

The assault incident has been added to the list of reasons why Kelly’s defense team asked for the musician’s release from prison. Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, has filed six appeals – three of which have been denied – to have the musician released.

Kelly whose trial was supposed to begin back in April has been postponed because of the pandemic.

Kelly’s defense team have argued the singer had an unfair trial due to prison lockdowns caused by the coronavirus. Kelly, who doesn’t know how to read or write, needs the help of his lawyers in-person to review legal documents and fully communicate, according to Greenberg.

Kelly was assaulted by Farmer because of the protests supporting Kelly that take place outside of the correctional facility. The protests force the prison to go into lockdown which means inmates are not allowed to shower or use their commissary, according to Greenberg.

The protests outside of the facility are in support of Kelly, but all inmates suffer the consequences of lockdown.

Kelly was arrested and charged in 2019 with 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse and has pleaded not-guilty to the charges. The musician has ongoing federal court cases in Illinois and New York.

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