R. Kelly can’t seem to escape the legal wave engulfing him. On Thursday, he was charged with 11 new counts that included aggravated criminal sexual abuse, which can carry a sentence of up to 30 years in prison. The documents describe intercourse and oral sex with a minor “by the use of force or threat of force.” These incidents took place between 2009 and 2010.

The accuser is identified as J.P in the documents, otherwise known as Jerhonda Pace, one of the four woman that Kelly was charged earlier in the year with having sexually abused.

Steve Greenburg, R. Kelly’s lawyer, spoke out about this event on Thursday. “These ‘new’ charges are not really new – they are the same conduct, just charged differently, same alleged victim, same time frame, same facts,” he said. “There are still four cases, not five. And we still expect the same results.”

The singer has denied all allegations against him. After years of persistent rumors and accusations of sexual misconduct, Kelly was tried in 2008 on child pornography charges that arose from a 27- minute tape where he allegedly had sex and urinated on a teenage girl. The girl refused to testify against him and the jury found Kelly not guilty.


In January, a six-part documentary that aired on Lifetime, Surviving R. Kelly, put his behavior back in the spotlight. The documentary included intimate interviews of women describing the abusive behavior of Kelly. This documentary resulted in an outpouring of rage, and Kelly was dropped by his record label soon after.

Kelly is due back in court on Thursday.

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