On March 10, the second hour-long episode by South Park titled “South ParQ Vaccination Special” aired on Comedy Central. Written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, is the second double-length special that focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic instead of being an episode from the upcoming twenty-fourth season. The episode “South ParQ Vaccination Special” focuses on the aftermath of the vaccine for COVID-19 being released and everyone in the town of South Park attempting to get their shot before anyone else. As per usual with South Park, many recent events are satirized within the show such as the importance of social distancing, Donald Trump losing the 2020 presidential election and senior citizens being first in line for the COVID vaccine while children are last. However, one major group that was heavily satirized during the special – and didn’t appreciate it – was the right-wing conspiracy group QAnon.

In the episode, Mr. Garrison (voiced by Parker) returns to South Park after losing the election (in a direct reference to Trump) and is stalked by the members of QAnon, who worship him as a godly figure and believe his attempts of telling them to go away are secret codes to carry out more of his racist teachings. QAnon believers are portrayed as a dimwitted group of people who are led by a racist character known as “Mr. White” (also voiced by Parker), who claims the Hollywood elite are really to blame for the pandemic and have used the vaccine as a way to destroy the world. The QAnon members then tutor the children of parents who did not allow them to attend school and teach them their bizarre and obviously false beliefs.

Many members of QAnon have since criticized the episode for making fun of them and have lashed out online. One QAnon member called the special a “red pill episode,” a reference to the pill from the film The Matrix, which shows people the real and uncomfortable world, with them stating, “Hands down one of the biggest red pill episodes of theirs that I’ve ever seen. People will say that they’re mocking it but [South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone] have been red pilling for years. That was to show their audience for those that don’t know to immediately search & read about it now.”


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