Marta, a Schnauzer/Beagle mix of only 10-weeks, earned the most valuable player award at the ninth annual Puppy Bowl that aired on Animal Planet on Sunday.

A native of Omaha, Neb., the petite puppy out-pawed her way through the oversized competition during Sunday night's bowl game that featured a total of nine puppy touchdowns. She competed against a variety of fearsome opponents, including Aurora the Husky/Retriever mix, Sally the Basset Hound and brothers Eli and Tuck.

Referee Daniel Schachner oversaw the Puppy Bowl, having earned the coveted position after submitting an audition tape of him calling puppy games at parks in New York City. He tossed down his yellow flag repeatedly for unnecessary roughness and excessive cuteness. In one instance, twins Daisy and Peyton were charged with a 15-yard penalty after adorably nuzzling the camera. Schachner also had to call fouls when puppies relieved themselves on the field of play, whined or napped.

A total of 63 puppies participated in Puppy Bowl IX, all of which have since been adopted in keeping with the tradition of the competition. "These puppies get scooped up quickly. We've teamed up with that will match viewers to puppies in their area," Schachner told USA Today.

Watch below to learn more about MVP Marta: