Dr. Shannon Curry, a psychologist hired by the legal team of Johnny Depp to evaluate Amber Heard, said on Tuesday the actress may suffer from borderline personality disorder after meeting with her twice. She also claimed Heard is “grossly exaggerating” her symptoms of PTSD.

This is part of Depp’s attempt to show Heard as the aggressor of the relationship in his $50 million defamation suit against her. Depp filed the suit in response to an op-ed Heard wrote about enduring domestic violence.

When Curry took the stand, she claimed after meeting with Heard and reviewing medical records and video footage, that Heard is “self-righteous,” and “judgemental,” and has anger issues. “These aren’t fact, but her scores were consistent with other people who had obtained these scores who have been shown through many, many studies to have these very specific traits.”

She also said that the personality “code” Heard lined up with is “very concerned with their image, very attention-seeking, very prone to externalizing blame.” Curry then spoke about borderline personality disorder, which she attributed in Heard to “this underlying terror of abandonment.”

A borderline personality disorder is a mental disorder whose most common symptoms include issues with self-identity, paranoia, a contrasting fear of abandonment and discomfort being alone, and mood swings. Curry also suggested Heard could have a histrionic personality disorder, the “underlying drive” of which is “to always be at the center of attention.”

When Curry was asked by Heard’s legal team whether she was board-certified, she answered that she is not. Curry has also never testified about violence between couples in court in the past. She said that she never evaluated Depp during their professional relationship.

Depp concluded his testimony in the case earlier this week, and Heard has yet to take the stand as other witnesses have been called in the past couple of days of the trial.

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