South Korean pop singer Psy, who gained international fame with hit single “Gangnam Style,” has dropped a new track called “Daddy” and an accompanying music video.

Psy Drops ‘Daddy’

Psy released his new song “Daddy” on Monday with a bizarre music video that is sure to go viral. In the video for the song, which features the hook, “I got it from my Daddy,” Psy’s face is superimposed on a baby, a child, a teen, a ballroom dancer and an old man. Psy, 37, also appears as himself, clad in a tailored blue suit.

Throughout the stages of aging, Psy shows off his unique dance moves, usually before an audience of females – whether they be the girls in his grade school class, bikini clad models or skilled dancers.

Ahead of releasing “Daddy” and the other songs off his seventh studio album Cider, Psy acknowledged that it wasn’t likely that he’d be able to duplicate the global success and reach of “Gangnam Style.” In fact, the K-pop star admitted that he had to take the pressure off of himself to put the album together.

“The pressure and stress was simply too huge,” Psy said at a press conference in Seoul, South Korea. “I don’t think something like ‘Gangnam Style’ will ever happen again. The sheer weight of Gangnam was so heavy, I don’t even go to Gangnam anymore.”

“While I was writing songs, I often found myself wondering, ‘will this be as good as Gangnam Style? Or what if foreign fans don’t understand this lyric?'” Psy added. “It took me a while to force such thoughts out of my mind.”

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