Prosecutors in Bill Cosby‘s case are trying to persuade the U.S. Supreme Court to take another look at the state Supreme Court’s decision in his sexual assault case. The District Attorney’s Office in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, is asking the high court to consider whether or not an agreement Cosby allegedly made with a prior prosecutor should be honored. This agreement supposedly involves the prosecutor at the time, Bruce Castor, agreeing that he would not bring criminal charges against Cosby if he testified in a civil lawsuit.

This civil suit went forward in 2006, and the only written proof of the agreement with Castor is a 2005 press release from Castor that he did not have enough evidence to arrest Cosby. The press release also said that Castor might change his mind in the future. The current prosecutors doubt that Castor ever made such an agreement with Cosby.

The Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele believes that this case could set a dangerous precedent that will have consequences in Pennsylvania and all over the United States. He has stated that he considers petitioning the Supreme Court the right thing to do because of the precedent that this case could set. A spokesperson for Cosby, Andrew Wyatt, stated that the District Attorney’s obsession with Cosby is alarming.

Cosby was convicted of drugging and molesting college sports administrator Andrea Constand in 2018 and spent almost three years in prison before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered that he should be released. The alleged assault happened in 2004. Recently, Wyatt has stated that Cosby wants to be compensated financially for the time he spent in prison, though he has not given an exact number, only saying that it will be millions of dollars.

The majority of justices on the Pennsylvania Court believed that Cosby was relying on the fact that he would not be prosecuted when he revealed that he gave young women drugs and alcohol before sexual encounters. However, prosecutors have pointed out the flaws in that logic, also stating that Cosby’s lawyers objected to any questions asked of Cosby.

Castor mentioned that he promised a lawyer, now deceased, not to use the information. He never brought it up with his top assistant, who decided to reopen Cosby’s case in 2015.

Cosby’s lovable image in America was ruined due to many allegations of sexual assault against women. He had to pay millions of dollars to at least eight women. However, only Constand’s accusation lead to a criminal trial. Five of Cosby’s other accusers testified for the prosecution in support of Constand.


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