Prince Harry has described that the COVID-19 pandemic was a wake-up call from “Mother Nature” to consider seeing climate change as a bigger issue. With the whole world being stuck indoors for months and turning to daily walks outsides as a form of exercise, he believes that we need to take a larger look into the world we are surrounded by.

The Duke of Sussex, a longtime supporter in the fight against climate change recently spoke with Ellen Windemuth, the CEO of streaming service WaterBear, where all content is dedicated to documentaries about the environment. “Somebody said to me at the beginning of the pandemic, it’s almost as though Mother Nature has sent us to our rooms for bad behavior to really take a moment and think about what we’ve done,” said the Duke of Sussex. “[The pandemic has] certainly reminded me about how interconnected we all are, not just as people but through nature. We take so much from her and we rarely give a lot back.”

The husband of Meghan Markle and father to Archie stepped down from royal duties earlier this year and has recently bought a $14 million mansion in Los Angeles. “We can’t steal their future, that’s not the job we’re here for,” pleaded the Prince.

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The prince’s comments were not received well by many on social media who considered them as an insult to those who have died from the pandemic.

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