Mystery A is coming back to haunt the girls in Rosewood. After Hanna (Ashley Benson) sent the text, Mystery A texts her and threatens that if she’s lying they will all be shot.

Alison (Sasha Pieterse) arrives back home after being in the hospital. The problem is Alison is all alone on pain reliever drugs, a recipe for disaster.

She mysteriously hears her jewelry box playing its tune in the other room and gets up to investigate. She sees her dead mother behind her, dirty and zombie-like, but when she turns around she’s gone. Emily (Shay Mitchell) thinks that Ali is hallucinating from the meds.

Within minutes later the phone rings, Ali picks up to dead noise and then her mother’s voice, “Did you miss me?”

Her mother isn’t the only dead person she’s seeing. While lying in bed she sees a bloody Darren Wilden next to her, touching her hand.

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) turns to Toby (Keegan Allen) for help in figuring out why Sara moved rooms in Radley. Toby finds out that Sara is working off a grid. He finds a record room that has no door.


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Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding) finish their book. After sending in their manuscript, the publisher loves all of it and even wants to push the release date up.

Emily and Aria go to watch over Ali. While Emily goes to vote in the election, she comes back to an empty house with Ali nowhere in sight.

Ali runs away, trying to get the “ghosts” away from her and heads to the church. Emily ends up taking her to Radley where Ali demands help.

Spencer is at the election party for her mother, Veronica Hastings’ state senate campaign, where she ends up winning. The plan is in motion with Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) setting Hanna as A’s bait.

Spencer and Toby are digging in Radley to find out what the hidden record room is used for. They find a deserted room with only one form, belonging to Mary Drake. From the paperwork, they find out she had a kid named Charles who was adopted by the DeLaurentis family. We find out that this Charles is Charlotte.

With all plans in place, Caleb reassures everyone that Hanna will be fine and they will catch A. Except they don’t.

Aria, Ezra, and Caleb hide out waiting for A to arrive. Caleb sees a car approaching from his tracking device and runs to try and catch them. But there is no car, A tricked them once again.

They try to get back into Hanna’s room but it’s too late. She’s gone. She disappeared from the room even though everything is still boarded up. They find out that there was a hidden floor piece where A must have kidnapped Hanna.

When the group is looking over footage, we see what looks like a female figure with long hair. Aria responds, “But could that even be possible?” It’s Mrs. D.

We find out that the Wilden character that Ali was seeing is still alive. But her husband, Dr. Elliot Rollins, is disguised as “Wilden” for reasons unknown.

Mary and Elliot know each other. She claims Elliot was the only one Charlotte had ever loved. There is another twin twist: Mary Drake is Mrs. DiLaurentis’ twin.

“We’ve finally taken back what was supposed to be mine,” Drake said.

Elliot and Drake are up to no good.

The group is left outside the hotel not sure where to turn next. The last text they receive is one that thanks them for giving up Hanna, signed with the initials, “A.D.”

Hanna looks unconscious as she is dragged up to the bell tower by A.

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