The second half of the final season of Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars aired last night and gave fans a taste of the crazy finish the series is headed for.

After an eight month hiatus between season 7A and last night’s airing of 7B, questions about who the Liar’s stalker is have reached a fever-pitch. Unfortunately, it seems the answer won’t come until the end of the 10-episode season.

Last night’s premiere picked up where season 7A’s cliffhanger ending left off. Spencer (Troian Bellisario), who was shot and losing blood when audiences last saw her, has survived and is ready to play stalker A.D’s final game.

Spencer and the Liars receive a box containing a board game called ‘Liars Lament’. The box also contains a loving note which reads, “endgame, bitches.” The girls reluctantly agree to play the game which is most certainly designed to tear them apart. Later in the episode, Hannah (Ashley Benson), who’s life seems to be falling apart, attempts to stab the board game with a knife but before she can slash it up, it lights up and begins to play a blackmail tape of the girls burying Archer Dunhill.

In a big reveal, it is confirmed that Spencer is Mary Drake’s daughter and that Jason is both her half-brother and cousin.

In another interesting twist, Aria (Lucy Hale) runs into an old childhood friend, Holden, who appears to be nice but is also appearing out of the blue at the beginning of the series’ final season.

The remaining nine episodes of Pretty Little Liars‘s final season will surely reveal why Holden has come back into the picture. The twisted board game, Liar’s Lament, will also most likely tear the Liars apart. And most importantly, the audience will finally learn who A.D. is.

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