After Rob Kardashian‘s blowup on Instagram last week, the hashtag #PoorDream is trending.


Kardashian threw a fit about his ex Blac Chyna allegedly being with another man, and accused her of cheating, sleeping around, and having STDs. But worst of all, Kardashian reposted nude photos of Chyna without her permission. His Instagram account has since been deleted. He put up more than 15 posts before everything was taken down.

This was a shocking development in their relationship. The pair became engaged late last year but called off the engagement earlier this year. They share a daughter Dream.

Many are pointing out Kardashian’s posts as “revenge porn,” a serious crime in the state of California. The state passed a revenge porn bill in 2013, and Mischa Barton recently won a case against her ex.

Users on Twitter have noted that they feel badly for Dream, enough to get #PoorDream trending on the social media site. “My daughter is the best thing that happened to me and she will know that Chyna did this out of spite not love cuz she mad my little sister took her baby daddy,” Kardashian said in a post.

“Rob Kardashian spent this morning posting naked pictures of his former fiancée. His state, CA, has laws against that,” wrote Polly Mosendz. “In fact, California is better than any other state at prosecuting revenge porn cases.”

“When this little girl grows up and see all of this drama and those videos and pics of her mom, omg #poordream,” one user wrote. “I guess you could say the dream turned into a nightmare,” said another. “In all seriousness tho the only one who suffers is that baby. Both her parents are dumba-ses w/ money,” said one more.

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