Prince Harry‘s girlfriend, Meghan Markle, did not attend the royal wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews.

Harry was spotted taking a walk with Prince William around the church’s grounds before the ceremony, but there were no signs of Markle.

While Harry watched the ceremony in Englefield, his girlfriend was an hour-and-a-half away in London. She is said to be preparing for Saturday evening’s festivities.

Markle was last seen on Friday exiting a London spa for some last-minute pampering before Pippa’s wedding. Although she may not have been invited to the church ceremony, she’ll be next to Prince Harry at the reception.

There have been rumors circulating that Harry has asked permission from his grandmother to marry Markle. However, it is still not certain that they will become engaged. A source close to the royal family said:

“The way it’s going, the engagement will probably happen this year. Harry has got approval from the Queen to propose to Meghan, he’s already had those conversations with Her Majesty. An engagement is imminent. Harry has always had a good relationship with the Queen and they are an extremely close-knit family.”


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