Dallas Buyers Club better be a very good movie, because it's been robbing us of eye candy for some time now. First, Matthew McConaughey shaved off nearly forty pounds to play Ron Woodruff, a real-life womanizer and homophobe who contracted AIDS in 1986, leaving him looking frail. Now, new shots have surfaced of Jared Leto from 30 Seconds To Mars in drag, shabby faux-fur coat and ripped tights included. “I just waxed my legs for this new role. Time to get into character. Pluck pluck pluck. Filming this week," Leto tweeted, with visual proof (below). "Ladies, I feel your pain. What I have learned today: Beauty is pain."

The Jean-Marc Vallee (Young Victoria) directed Dallas, which also stars Jennifer Garner, will see Leto, 40, play Rayon, a fellow AIDS patient who helps Ron in his mission to smuggle drugs from Mexico in order to self-medicate. Luckily for him, Leto hasn't had to lose any weight, though he does don a wig and eyeliner — a practice he's not entirely unfamiliar with from his rock persona. "I've got a new woman in my life. Meet Rayon," Leto posted on Instagram, with the image below.

Dallas, penned by Craig Borten and Melissa Wallack, is currently in production in New Orleans, where Steve Zahn and Dallas Roberts (The Grey) have joined Leto, McConaughey and Garner to play a sympathetic cop and Woodruff's defense attorney, respectively; and there are rumors that Gael Garcia Bernal may join the cast. In the meantime, we'll just have to rely on Leto's social media updates for insights into the bizarre world of Dallas Buyers Club.

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