With Labor Day weekend fast approaching, regular school kids aren't the only ones squeezing a bit of fun out of prepping for the new awaiting plunge into a new school year. Even Patrick Schwarzenegger, the son of humbled former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, found a way to make light of weary pre-year planning on a recent shopping trip.

Including a photo of his mother, Maria Shriver, carting him around as the two picked up school supplies, Schwarzenegger, 17, tweeted that he was famished from too much Crayola-hunting. "Back to school shopping. I'm [too] tired so @mariashriver is pushing me around," he tweeted on Monday. The pic shows the red Staples cart can barely contain the growing Schwarzenegger's knees and elbows.

There's no wonder he's exhausted. In addition to coping with his parents' highly public and scandalous separation, which began in May, and the close call his brother Christopher, 13, after a surfboarding accident, Schwarzenegger has also spent the summer honing his management and design skills at The Grove and amping up his modeling career on a shirtless billboard spread. With his 18th birthday only two weeks away, who knows what else he will cram into the adolescence he has rapidly outgrown?


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    This is kind of endearing, I think.

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