Khloe Kardasian, 28, the semi-famous sister of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, just can't catch a break, as her latest television debut as cohost of Simon Cowell's U.S. version of Fox's The X Factor, with Mario Lopez was not only criticized for its meager ratings, but also for featuring a little Kardashian nipple action.

When Khloe stepped on stage wearing a sheer top, it became abundantly clear that she wasn't wearing a bra beneath the thin purple material — so much so that even Cowell was forced to call attention to the matter. "May I say, Khloe, you're looking very sexy … I think the air conditioning is on high tonight," Cowell said.

Brian Dowlin, Fox


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Later, in the press room, Khloe explained how she got into such a predicament with the blouse, which she claims is "lined with nude lining, it's not just like a sheer top. I had no idea," she said, reports Zap2It. "With my dressing room lights you didn't see a thing. We were rushed and I went on stage."

When Cowell came out with the comment and even reportedly started to point toward his chest, Khloe was still confused, thinking there might be something wrong with her hair. "Then I hear in my ear, 'We've got to fix your shirt.' I didn't know what they were talking about and I heard, 'Full areola is out,'" after which poor Khloe nervously tried to cover up until the break without calling attention to herself on live television.

"During the break we tried to put Band-aids or something on it and it didn't work. So we had to wait for the second break and finally we found something that fixed it." Still, Khloe was nervous about the nip-slippage. "It was my first show! Like I'm not stressed out enough, now this is happening. I [wondered], 'Am I gonna get in trouble?' I don't know anything, like 'Am I gonna be fired because of my boobs?'"

One person who was certainly not in mourning over Kardashian's nipple action was Cowell. "I thought it was hilarious," he said, reports Entertainment Weekly. "Your first live show, you don't wear a bra, and the studio's freezing, of course."

Nip-slip or no nip-slip, The X Factor's ratings were reportedly down from their average of 12 million viewers per episode in season one to 7.6 million U.S. viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research, though some are blaming Hurricane Sandy for the sagging scores, due to the fact that it left millions without power along the East Coast.

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