Just when you thought enough time had passed that you might be safe from the antics of the Jackass alumni, think again — Bam Margera (real name Brandon Cole Margera), 33, is up to more inexplicable pranks, like holding a fake gun to his pet pit bull, Penny, and posting a photo of it on Twitter.

Twitter / Bam Margera

Bam posted the photo with a crazed look in his eyes, standing before a sign that said, "If she poop's [sic] one more time she goes bye bye's [sic]." But Bam apologized once he realized the larger context of his little joke.

"A friend brought over a fake gun for me," Bam explained to E! Online, in reaction to an incident last month in which Bam woke up in his Pennsylvania home to find an alleged female stalker standing nude in his bedroom.

"So I started playing with the gun and taking pics," Bam revealed. "Well, Penny pooped in my bed; I said, 'If it happens again, she goes bye-byes!' What I didn't know is that there was an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about people in the area burning dogs in cages."

Margera then explained that there was nothing genuinely threatening behind his little joke. "That is terrible, and I didn't know that," he said. "If I did, I never would have posted it. I am an animal lover and on Jackass, therefore I like jokes and shock value. It was bad timing on me. And I should have said the gun was fake."

Bam is set to star as a judge on a reality show for TBS in Los Angeles in which contestants compete in Jackass-style stunts.

Penny the dog will be staying with a friend of Bam's while he is in L.A. filming the show.

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