Peter Dinklage and Jamie Dornan are set to star in an HBO biopic about 80s actor Herve Villechaize.


Villechaize is best known for his roles as Tattoo in Fantasy Island and Knick-Knack in The Man with the Golden Gun. The actor struggled with proportionate dwarfism and committed suicide in 1993 at 50 years old.

Dinklage will play Villechaize in the biopic about his life and career, titled My Dinner with Herve, and Dornan will act as a journalist who interviews the actor shortly before his death. The story is based on director Sacha Gervasi‘s own experiences interviewing Villechaize, and he wrote the screenplay with help from Dinklage.

“He [Villechaize] was quite outrageous. My friend, the movie director Sacha Gervasi, has been working on the script for a while, basing it on an interview with Herve he did when he was a journalist,” Dinklage said in a 2013 interview. “At one point Herve pulled a knife on Sacha. He was like a pirate, an incredible character. Herve killed himself about a week later, so Sacha realized the interview was probably a suicide note. It’s a terribly sad tale, but there’s something fun about getting into the skin of a guy like that, pretending to be him for a few months.”

This film has no release date as of yet, and may not come to fruition for some time, as Dornan is currently filming Robin Hood: Origins and Dinklage is busy working on Game of Thrones.

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