If your BS detector goes off whenever you hear Donald Trump speak, you might be interested in hearing what happened during his most recent Saturday Night Live hosting stint.

SNL cast member Pete Davidson was on Complex’s Open Late show this week, where he recounted a story about The Donald’s November 2015 appearance on the show. During a table read, the then-candidate took a phone call that Davidson characterized as obviously fake.

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In Davidson’s recreation, it all went down a little something like this: “[Trump] goes, ‘Oh, fantastic. OK, great.’ And then he hung up and he goes, ‘Hey, everybody! My book just went number one.'”

The key to recognizing the fakeness (besides the random braggadocio) was apparently the brevity of the “call,” as there was clearly not enough time, based on how long the “conversation” lasted, to convey the message about Trump’s book hitting the top of the charts.

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But it turns out there may be a bit of a dispute as to how exactly this incident played out. On an episode of Larry King Now from last October, former SNL-er Taran Killam recounted the moment as a “three-minute phone call.”

Regardless of the details, it remains clear that Trump is not a host that the SNL cast is hoping will return anytime soon.

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