PETA released a graphic video on Wednesday exposing the gruesome practice of killing and skinning dogs to create dog leather goods allegedly occurring in China.

Dogs Killed & Skinned In New PETA Video

According to the PETA investigation, a PETA Asia undercover member was able to obtain footage from a Chinese slaughterhouse, where they collected stray dogs and proceeded to kill them by hitting them in the head and then slitting their throats before skinning them. PETA reports that an employee revealed that they might kill 100-200 dogs per day.

“Dogs are snatched from Chinese streets and bludgeoned to death for meat, fur and leather,” says a voice-over in the video.

(WARNING: Very disturbing)

The report alleges that Chinese factories use these dog skins to create various leather goods, including gloves and other accessories that are then sold across the globe. “If you buy leather, remember: There’s no easy way to tell whose skin you’re in,” warns the animal rights organization.

PETA hopes the video will inspire people to pledge not to buy or wear leather goods and to only buy and wear clothes that are declared cruelty-free. The petition went live on Wednesday, Dec. 17, and, in about 24 hours, has received over 10,000 signatures and spawned similar petitions across various internet platforms.

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