Josiah James McIntosh, 27, of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, has been charged and arrested for aggravated assault, simple assault, arson, terroristic threats and endangering the welfare of a child. McIntosh tried to set his four-year-old son on fire to allegedly “burn the demon out of him.”

Officers responded to the incident last Wednesday afternoon on May 13, at a home in Southmont Borough, a residential area just outside of Johnstown. Authorities claim to have found the child smelling of gasoline and naked inside of the home. McIntosh was not on the property, but police quickly found him in the surrounding area also smelling of gasoline and in possession of a disposable lighter.

Officer Christopher Kesslak stated in a criminal complaint that McIntosh “splashed gasoline on the little boy and made a reference to setting him on fire.”

McIntosh’s father first discovered the scene when he came home. He questioned his son and according to court documents, McIntosh said, “If we can get the demon, I’ll burn it out of him.”

The West Hills Regional Police Department said that McIntosh allegedly attacked his father twice when he attempted to throw his son out of the house, first punching him in the jaw and then hitting his head with a brick. His father had visible injuries on his left side.

As of now, McIntosh’s bond is set at $75,000 and he has yet to enter a plea. His preliminary hearing has been scheduled for May 27.