Vulture’s latest remix is a video of cartoon character Peggy Hill lip-syncing to “Hey Mama” by Nicki Minaj.


Vulture has been making remixes with famous characters lip-syncing to songs by famous musicians, such as Miss Piggy singing a Rihanna song and Doug Funnie lip-syncing to Fetty Wap‘s “Trap Queen.”

The remix artist Adam Schleichkorn (a.k.a. Mylo the Cat) brings together Miss Hill and Miss Minaj in a highly entertaining video.

Peggy Hill, from The King on the Hill, is a strong, mother-figure, and perhaps the reason Schleichkorn decided to use her in the video. Minaj has recently been incorporating ideas of domesticity and strong, female figures into her work and persona. Her hit “Hey Mama,” in collaboration with David Guetta, encapsulates the ideas of fighting against misogyny and world-domination, as well as being a loving partner. Hill and Minaj, therefore, share similar ideals, and make an excellent match for this spot-on remix video.

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