The History Channel's hugely popular Pawn Stars reality series, starring patriarch Richard "Old Man" Harrison and his sons Rick Harrison and Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison, is having quite a run, as the Las Vegas-based Harrisons signed a record-breaking 80-episode renewal contract just one year ago, guaranteeing the series four additional seasons, but at least one Harrison isn't letting fame get the better of him.

Corey Harrison, a.k.a. "Big Hoss," recently wrote about his dramatic weight loss and how he copes with his newfound fame in the Las Vegas Sun. "Perhaps the biggest change was going from being 'Big Hoss' to not-so-big Hoss, as I lost more than 100 pounds since it all began. I realized that with or without fame, I wanted to be healthier and happier; I can say that has come to fruition. I have nicer cars, bikes and boats now and a new house."

One thing Big Hoss has learned is how to react to people who react to him differently because he is rapidly becoming a household name. "Maybe watch what you say (especially if you are too many drinks in," Big Hoss says of what he's learned, "and realize that the guy wanting to shake your hand and meet you in the bathroom is just a fan and not someone to be worried about. I know that sounds weird, but you would be amazed at how often it happens when I'm relieving myself!"

Pawn Stars is no stranger to visiting celebs, either. Bob Dylan, Meredith Vieira and George Stephanopoulos have all made cameo appearances.

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